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Going Hardcore!

Yesterday, nothing much exciting happened. I met with my advisor for RHA and we talked about the webpage that I'm working on some and getting started on a proposal to purchase software to help build the website. Then I did my homework before class. After class I went to the RHA exec meeting. We talked about our February and March events and nacurh and no frills conferences. I showed them what I had so far on the website.

Then today I started my day off at 6:55 when I woke up before my alarm went off. (Scary isn't it). I went to work at 8:00am and after work I went to chem class. Then I came back and got ready for my next class. I was bored in it, so I decided to start a new diablo character. However, I chose to make him a hardcore character, which for those of you who don't know diablo means that if he dies he doesn't come back like the rest of them. He is gone forever. Since, I'm one of the worst out of my friends for keeping characters alive this may be a stupid decision on my part. I chose a necromancer, since, he doesn't have to get close to fight the enemies and has minions to do it for him. Hoping that that would help my character stay alive longer. The good note is that he is now level 11 and is still alive. Of course he hasn't completed very many of the quests yet, but has been leveling up faster because I told the computer there were 8 people playing even though I'm the only one in the game.

We had our legislative meeting where I announced my progress on the webpage and asked for people to send me information on their March and April events. That's it so far. However, I would request that people comment on whether they think I was stupid to make a hardcore character or not. I would also like comments as to whether I should start writing fictional stories as part of my journal entries. Hope you're all having fun. I am.

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