cutsycat (cutsycat) wrote,

I haven't updated since the beginning of the week, so I suppose I should try and find something interesting in my boring life to talk about. Nothing interesting happened on Tuesday. I went to work and then came home and played some disgaea and pinochle ( I think). Then on Wednesday I went to work again. I usually ride the bus home, so I caught the oregon city bus, but then I missed the canby bus it had already left when the oregon city bus got there, so I called my dad and he came and picked me up at the bus station. Then we went home and helped my mom prepare supper because we had guests coming over. We made a bunch of different chinese food. Then after supper the adults played pinochle and my friends and I did other things. I taught one of my friends how to play disgaea while the other one played some games on my super nintendo upstairs. He got bored with that so he came down and made cookies. Then they had to leave. Then on Thursday I worked late because I had a dentist appointment on Friday, so I would be missing some work on Friday and didn't want to have to make up all the missed work on Friday. After I got home from work we ate supper and played a little bit of pinochle before we had to leave to help with the square dance lessons. I danced the boys part at lessons, because we didn't have enough guys to fill out all the squares. I had my dentist appointment earlier today and now I'm back at work. I plan to go home and play some more disgaea when I'm done with work. Then tomorrow my mom and I are going shopping for a dress for winter formal. Then I have to clean my room and pack because I go back on Sunday. I think that's all that's been happening recently.

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