cutsycat (cutsycat) wrote,

So nothing exciting happened at work last Wednesday or Thursday. After work on Thursday Mandy took me over to her friend Nick's house and we played DDR for a while. Then we went shopping for gifts that we still needed to get for the Late Christmas/ New Year's Eve party. On Friday I cleaned up the house a little before the party and then my friends came over and we gave out gifts and played games until 4 pm. Then I kicked them out of the house because I had to get ready to go over to a square dance family's house for dinner. We spent 2 to 3 hours at their house and then went to a New Years Eve square dance. We had lots of fun. My mom had an interesting time dancing in her walking cast, but she seemed to manage all right.

We finally got home around 1 on Saturday morning. I then went to sleep. When I woke up again I watched TV and then I played cribbage and pinochle with my family. I also played some disgaea. I started a new game, so that I could try different character combinations and test out some mentor/pupil relationships and some other things that I don't understand.

Then on Sunday my mother decided that we needed to take down all the Christmas decorations, so I helped with that. I also played some Super Mario Bros. 3 on my Super Nintendo and some disgaea on my playstation and some pinochle with my family. I've now made it into act 3 with my new game. I'm trying to level up Flonne's skill with the bow, so that it's at level 3, which would unlock the archer class. I'm also trying to level up my warriors and brawlers, so that they are at level 10 which would unlock the Ronin and Ninja class. Once I do that I may go back and level up my characters more in my first game or continue on in this one, I'm not sure. I'm also leveling up items in the hopes that I can then combine some of the specialists that boost items in them and make certain items more powerful.

It's now Monday and I've been working on making a calendar using javascript for one of the webpages I've been working on. I'm ready for my work day to be over though cause I want to go play some more disgaea. Well, unfortunately I still have half of my work day left, so I won't be leaving any time soon. I think that's it out of my boring life. Nothing much interesting has been happening recently.

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