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Ok. It's time for another one of these interesting updates about my not so interesting life. Friday was one of the more annoying days I've had recently. I didn't work because I had the day off from work, so instead of working I spent the whole day cleaning the house to get ready for Christmas because we had about 20 people coming over on Christmas. We still found time to open our presents on Christmas Eve like we usually do. I didn't get much except for some clothes and kittycat things.

Then we got up somewhat early on Christmas and opened stockings. That was rather interesting because nobody had really gotten into buying stocking stuffers, so we didn't have much. I then spent until about 1 on Christmas doing more cleaning to get ready for the party. The reason I had to do so much to help is because my mom managed to do something to her achilles heel and so her ankle is in one of those walking casts and it causes her a lot of pain, so she can't do much.

We had around 20 people over at our house on Christmas, so it was rather full. We ate and talked and that's about it. One of the couple's that came over ended up spending the night because they were from Washington and didn't want to drive back up. So, then when everyone got around the next day we made breakfast and played games. Then around 2 they went home. Shortly after they went home Mandy and her sister Lisa came over. We played some games with them. Then they kidnapped me and took me to their house to watch Chobitz. It is a really stupid anime as far as I can tell. It's about some guy who has a crush on his prep school teacher and is learning about persacomps and in general is an idiot even though he's rather sweet. It's not a series I would want to watch again, but Mandy appears to like it.

After Chobitz ended, Mandy got her DDR stuff and brought it back to my house where we played DDR for about an hour or two. We found out that I had improved greatly since she last saw me attempt to do it. Of course I was still really learning when she saw me do it last. My mother says that I improved a lot between when she saw me dance at the beginning of school year and this time. I find it interesting that Mandy is still on light even though she has the mats and the playstation game. She has DDR Max. I think she might improve more if she played some of the other DDR games more often. I find a lot of the songs on the DDR machine at the sub in school a lot easier than the ones on her game. She doesn't like some of the songs I like. She has problems with half beats still that's probably why she hasn't made it to standard. I found it interesting that she didn't like Kind Lady. I think Kind Lady is fun and it's one of the ones that I actually did well at on her game. Oh well, I guess we just like different things. Maybe she'll come over more often to play DDR now that she knows I won't destroy her pads. I get home around 5 or 6 every day that I work, so she could come over in the evenings and we could play DDR. It could be lots of fun. Maybe she'll improve by watching me. Hey it could happen. My mother has decided that she doesn't understand how I can follow all the arrows you have to hit on Standard. I expect that she would have even worse problems trying to follow the arrows on Heavy. Especially watching Tommy, since he actually hits most of the arrows on heavy, unlike me. I'm getting better at DDR I can do some of the easy heavy songs. However, if they have 7 or more feet I don't stand a chance with them.

After that I read a book and went to sleep. Then I got up this morning and got ready to go to work. I'm at work now. I'm on my lunch break. I had some problems with what I was working on this morning, but I got it figured out with some help, so now I just have to do some touch up stuff and then I'll be finished with the add page. After that it should be fairly trivial to change the edit page. Once I get done with work I get the joy of riding the bus home. Once I get home, I hope to play some more disgaea or maybe DDR if Mandy comes over. Well, I guess we'll see what happens.

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