cutsycat (cutsycat) wrote,

Hello again. I'm pretending something exciting happened in my life, such that I should write in my journals, since my friends seem to think I've been slacking. However, I haven't been doing anything very exciting. So, I don't know what they think I'm supposed to write in here. Maybe I should start making up stories again. That's always fun. I'm not sure my mind is functioning well enough for me to start making up stories off the top of my head, though.

I expect my stories would start out okay, but then at some point in time they would take a turn for the worst and nobody would like them anymore if I tried to write a story right now. My stories would probably have a bunch of crap related to webpages and kingdom hearts combining in a really strange way. Since, I'm trying to get this webpage that's accessing a database to work and Tommy keeps telling me these things about what he's doing in Kingdom Hearts. He just finished Tarzan's world.

I have the add page almost working. I have a couple more bugs I have to work out. Then I get to repeat the process again and get the edit page to work. Once they both work, the people I work with will have to give me a new project. Yeah! This one is really boring and I don't want to do it. I'll get it done because I said I would, but I'm so ready to do something else. This project is driving me insane. Does anybody have any good walls I can climb? The good thing is this is my last day at work until next monday and I only have about 2 hours left in the work day. I hope I can survive it.

Maybe I should just shoot my screen. I wouldn't be able to work if I can't see what I'm working on. Oh wait a minute I can't do that. This isn't really my screen. It's somebody elses screen. They're just letting me use it, since I'm here over the holidays and I'm pretty sure that if I damage the screen in anyway that person will come and find me in whatever hole I hide in and kill me ssssssssslllllllllooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwlllllllllyyyyyyyy.

Wow! That was fun maybe I should do that more often. Hey I know I can fill out my timesheets instead of doing my other work. Wait a minute that's boring too. Well what am I supposed to do, now? I'm sure if someone had something for me to do, they would have sent it to me, so I can't really go and bug people for work. That would just make them mad. Hey maybe I could fake being sick and they would let me go home. Oh wait a minute that never works. Besides it's not like they would pay me for the hours I didn't work.

I just found out that the place I work at is letting us go home early and is willing to pay us as if we were here the whole day. I think that's awesome. I'm so ready to go home. Well I think I've written enough for now. One of these days I'll actually learn how to use paragraph breaks for these long entries. Until then I guess I'll say goodbye for now and go home. I get to go home now. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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