cutsycat (cutsycat) wrote,

Recently it's seemed like I've just been going from homework assignment to homework assignment or test. I've been doing fairly well in most of my classes though. Something really fun and sad at the same time happened to me this morning. So, we were supposed to have a chemistry test today, but our chemistry teacher knew she was going to be gone, so she set it up, so that one of her grad students would administer the test to us. Apparently, he isn't very reliable, so if he didn't show up another person was supposed to give us our test. Well, what happened was he slept in, so he didn't show up and the person who was supposed to give us our test if he didn't show got sidetracked doing other things and completely forgot about us. However, we didn't know this when we showed up to class. We just kept watching the clock as the minutes ticked by. Finally, the grad student who slept in showed up around 9:10 our class started at 8:30 by the way. Then he started cussing and cursing and saying how dead he was when he realized that nobody had shown up to give us the test at all. A couple of minutes later the other person who was supposed to give us our test showed up and then they both started talking about how dead they were. Last I knew they were going to call our teacher and then we would take the test either Friday or Monday depending on what our teacher says. It will be interesting to see what happens.

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