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Ok, so I'm an idiot. My friends and I decided to go shopping after my last class got over yesterday. We went to the mall, where Eric found a ddr pad that he decided to buy. We left the mall around 7:30-8:00. Then when we got back we started playing 2 player ddr rather than the one player we normally do. I just now stopped playing ddr, so I was playinf for at least a good 6 hours. My feet hurt so bad right now, that I don't even want to imagine what they'll feel like in the morning. Other than my 6 hour spree of ddr, I've been spending most of my time either working or doing homework or going to class, so that's all that's really interesting that's happened to me. I guess that's it for now. Maybe I'll have more things to write about next time. I probably spent a good half an hour to an hour of that ddr time attempting to pass one of the nonstop courses. I finally did. I managed to pass and get an A on the course that had the reflex on it. Then Eric came along and he helped me pass a couple more nonstop courses. Hopefully Tommy doesn't care too much that we've been unlocking a bunch of things on his game.

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