2020 NCIS Secret Santa Letter

Dear Santa,

This year has been hard for everyone and I find myself writing a quite different letter from what I normally would. I honestly don't care which of the pairings you write for me. I just want to see our boys in love or at least really good friends. 

2020 has been angsty enough on its own that while I don't mind some angst to advance the plot, I would request that it not be too angsty. I would love some adorable fluff or something humorous that makes me laugh or smile when I read it. Sarcasm is one of my favorite forms of humor, though, so don't worry too much. 

Also, while I like smut as much as anyone I would prefer that the plot not be focused on it. You don't need sex to have a deep relationship and there are many ways to be intimate that don't involve sex, at all.

Additionally, this year has been a great reminder of the prejudice that surrounds us in everyday life and I would love to see a fic where prejudice is either non-existent or firmly put in its place, so that people might see that it serves no purpose to judge others like that and that it doesn't have to be a competition and everyone can be happy without trying to tear others down.

I still have not watched anything after season 13, so please if you use something after season 13 make sure it's well explained. 

The following universes are ones that I would not mind being included in a crossover if you so desire: Sentinel, Lie to Me, Body of Proof, Stargate Atlantis, or/and Yuuri on Ice.

Finally, Santa, there are a few things that I would prefer you absolutely do not include in my fic: TIVA, death fics, Senior as a good guy, sad endings, non-con, highschool/college AU or any childish behavior that just brings unnecessary drama, or MPREG. 

If after reading this you still have questions about whether I'd like something or not, feel free to check out my Secret Santa letter from last year.

I hope you have a lovely Christmas this year, Santa, and thank you so much for writing me a story. I'm sure I'll love it.



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