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I'm writing, but not what I expected to write

So for those who don't know, this year has been really hard on me writing wise and I'm not sure it's going to get better. I've been trying to write NCIS stories and have a pile of unfinished NCIS stories sitting in my gdocs that I continue to struggle with. Instead of writing those, Muse has been insisting on writing original stories for a competition on a writing discord. The rules of the competition are that the stories must be between 250 and 750 words. Perfect for me, right? Muse seems to think so.

I'm still hoping to get more NCIS stories posted to AO3, but in the mean time if anyone wants to read the originals I'm writing, I'll be posting them here since I can't really post originals on AO3. They'll be posted after the competition ends and secrecy is no longer needed. The competition happens every two weeks, though I may not enter every competition.

Below the cut is the story I entered for the prompt entanglement. I hope you enjoy them and feel free to leave a comment if you do or want to offer constructive criticism. I am still working on improving my writing and hope to be able to apply it to NCIS again soon.

Plants Need Love Too

Green vines creeped up Erlan’s legs and he immediately felt the soft demand to stay. It wasn’t painful, but he was entangled nonetheless. He could leave, but he would have to hurt the plants which went against his naturalist ways.

With a sigh, he sank down onto the ground and let the plants curl up around him some more. He wasn’t completely covered; they were nice enough to stay away from his face, but he was well beyond a simple embrace. It amazed him how human like flora could be.

This was an area of forest that didn’t get much human interaction and while the elves, like Erlan, preferred it that way, it did leave some areas bereft of attention. Not that human attention really caused any plants to flourish, quite the opposite usually. Still some attention was needed for anything other than weeds to grow well.

The elves tried to make sure all parts of the forest were tended to, but sometimes places were missed and this was the result. Eventually, the vines would melt away after they’d gotten what they needed in the way of interaction and return to the edges of the path. It was only when no one was giving them any tender loving care for extended periods of time that they would become overgrown or in some cases die out as the weeds which didn’t need consideration in the same way overtook them.

It always hurt Erlan’s heart when he discovered a neglected patch in their forests. Even though it would put him behind for the rest of his route, he never regretted taking the time to make sure every single living piece of nature knew it was loved. Each and every neglected vine, tree, animal, etc. had a special place in his heart.

He wasn’t the one that decided which sections to visit each day and he would never dare miss an assigned area no matter how much neglected flora he found, even if it meant he didn’t sleep that day.  Still, it bothered him every time he found an underappreciated region. He didn’t care how much time it took, he made sure all the plants in his region knew they were loved.

He never forgot a single one visiting them even during his off time sometimes. To him they were just as much his family as his elven brethren. They would forever be entwined around his heart, an entanglement that would last as long as he lived and one that he would never lament.

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