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My week so far

So, I finally turned in my scholarship application on Wednesday and all 3 letters of recommendation had been sent in via email like they were supposed to. I also finally got KATE(KDE Advanced Text Editor) fixed, so that I can use it via ssh again. I started looking at one of my program's on Wednesday. It's almost complete now. I spent most of Thursday programming it and have just a few touch ups left to do. I also have to write the readme that goes with it. It's due on Monday and I'm pretty sure I'll be done by then. Next I have to start looking at my other program that's due on Wednesday. I think it'll be pretty easy and I'll be able to finish it before Monday. I have to type up my chem lab, yet and do the prelab for next week. I'm also thinking that I'll probably participate in the second flight of the magic tournament that's happening on Saturday. If everything goes according to plan I will be caught up and have some time to goof off next week. Other than homework I really haven't been doing much this week.

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