2018 NCIS Secret Santa Letter

 Dear Santa,

I hope I have been a good enough or naughty enough girl this year depending on your preference to get an amazing story from you. I look forward to whatever you write me, Santa.

Gibbs/DiNozzo has always been my favorite pairing, but I admit I secretly love Tony/Kort or Gibbs/Kort or Kort/Tobias and playing with Kort's morally grey characteristics.

I love reading stories that have never been done before. Especially if there are secret plot twists that make me go ooh I didn't expect that. I am a happy ending girl though. I mean it doesn't have to be happily ever after, but it should at least be happy right now type of ending. *grin*

I don't know much about the new characters (Nick Torres, Alexandra Quinn, etc) as I pretty much stopped watching around season 12. I'm pretty good with any character used in season 1-12 though. I love to play with the gray side of any characters though if they go too dark, especially Tony, in some ways it can be a bit worrying for me. I just can't see Tony as a supporter of crime in any manner really.

Pieces to be used in a good fic in my book: 

  • I love cats in pretty much any form
  • I like light and fluffy pieces that are more about trust than sex. If you like to write something kinky I'm good with some light BDSM and bondage stuff.
  • Genres I like: Hurt/Comfort, TLC, Romance, Case fics, or angst though I prefer it to have happy endings.
  • I like my boys to be boys. That means they're masculine creatures as portrayed on the show not girls doing each others' make-up or whatever.
  • Most of all I want the characters to seem real and be in character. That doesn't mean you can't set it in a fantasy world or an AU. It just means that I want them to seem real for the world their set in whether that's humans or cats or half breeds or whatever.
  • Asexual relationships are fine with me. I want my men to be happy whatever that means for them.
  • I don't mind sex in my stories, but I don't want it to be the focus. I want my men to have a well grounded relationship that isn't solely based on sex.
  • I like long stories, but really any story is good. I'm so excited that you're going to be writing a story for me.
  • I especially like competent Tony stories.
  • I prefer the earlier seasons where TPTB didn't ruin Gibbs character, but whatever season works best for you is fine(though preferrably nothing after season 13). 
  • My favorite characters are Tony, Gibbs, Kort and Fornell.
  • Crossover possibilities: Sentinel, Lie to Me, Body of Proof, Castle, Naruto, Fruit Baskets

But top of my list of turn-ons for stories is plot. A good plot can make any story amazing in my book. The best is when the plot has romance elements woven through it.

General story ideas/genres: 

  • I really like stories with a twist that you don't see coming. I always look forward to reading stories that feature something that's never been written before whether that is a twist on a more common plotline or a never been done before plot.
  • Sentinel stories(especially ones where the guides for Tony and/or Gibbs, Fornell, Kort is a cat), soul bonding, shifters, vampires, Dom/sub dynamics, are all good in my book.
  • I prefer romance, humor, case fic, hurt/comfort, TLC, etc

A few dislikes:

  • TIVA
  • death fics(I'm ok with killing off the bad guys, but not any of the main characters even if they're dark I might make an exception for Ziva or Senior, but that's about it)
  • sad endings
  • Non-con. I'm usually ok with dub-con, but I'm definitely leery of consent issues.
  • Changing of age from what they are in the show unless there's a really good reason for an AU like they're practically immortal or whatever
  • McGee as a main character in the story. I'm ok with McGee taking a side role like he generally does in season 1-12, but I'm really not a huge fan of him being the focus of the story in anyway.
  • New season characters(I don't really know any of the characters they added in season 14+ and would prefer a story for me not include them)

Really Santa I'll be happy with anything you write. I'm looking forward to seeing what you write for me. I hope you enjoy writing it as well. 

Thank you so much Santa for whatever you write.




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