cutsycat (cutsycat) wrote,

For drivven

This is for drivven and anyone else interested in shikanaru or kibaneji. Here are some c2s on that I thought drivven would like and anyone else who's interested in the pairings she likes. -ShikaNaru -ShikaKiba (wasn't sure if you would like this pairing or not. -This as a C2 community, that focuses on stories in which side characters play a big part of the story. Think of characters such as: Genma,Raido,Shino,Neji,Kiba,Shikamaru,Choji,Hinata, Gaara,Iruka,Hayate,Itachi,Kotetsu,Izumo,Asuma,Kurenai and many more! Yaoi,Yuri,het. all are welcome! - so some you'll like some you won't probably - all about Kiba -If Kiba has a role in the story other than being mentioned once or twice, then we guarentee it's here. -nejishika - shika stories - For those who just love Naruto yaoi pairings: Crossover, AU, mpreg, angst, fluff, oneshots, drabbles, etc! Sasunaru, Itanaru, GaaraNejiGaara, ShikamaruNejiShikamaru, GaaraLeeGaara, ShinoKibaShino, ZabuzaHaku KakashiIruka are welcomed! -This C2 is for YAOI stories ONLY!Also as they are my favourite pairing if Naruto and Sasuke are with someone it will be each other and neither will be paired with someone else so NO SASUSAKU. The main pairings are Sasuke&Naruto,Kakashi&Iruka,Neji&Gaara,Neji&Rock Lee, Neji&Shikamaru, Kiba&Shino,Gaara&Rock Lee,Itachi&Kyuubi and Itachi&Shikamaru. Enjoy! -shikanaru -shika -shika -favorite Itanaru , Sasunaru ,Gaaranaru , nejinaru,...Naruto's girl , naruto's so cool , naruto ... stories ,hehehe . - This is a yaoi C2. This C2 will have fics containing yaoi couples ONLY. The accempable pairings are: Uchihacest, SasuNaru, NejiNaru, SasoDeiDeiSaso, ZabuHaku, KakaIruIruKaka, and OroKimiKimiOro. The fanfictions also have to be rated T or higher. - This community is of yaoi fanfictions. Be openminded because some of the characters are really sending us, viewers, some kind of mixed signals. : Includes only THE best fictions there is, mainly about: Naruto x Sasuke, Naruto x Neji, Naruto x Gaara.

Hope there are some stories in there that you like and if you like the stories from a certain community you can subscribe and receive updates when they add a new story. I don't know that you'll like all the stories, but thought you'd find some you like. I wasn't able to find any nejikiba or kibaneji communities, sorry. I don't know how many of these stories are finished either as I just looked at what the community included for the most part. *shrugs* Don't shoot me if you don't like them. Just read what you do like and ignore the rest. :D

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