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quiz time

People Definitely Like You

You are very well liked, and many people admire you.
You are friendly, well mannered, and fun to be around.
Of course, you're not perfect... but that's okay.
Your friends are usually willing to accept you for who you are!

What People Don't Like About You:

People don't like that you seem unnatural and stiff at times. You sometimes give off an impression of being standoffish or fake.

What People Like About You:

People like that you're interesting and intriguing. You always have something interesting to say.

People like that you take responsibility for your actions and admit your mistakes. They appreciate your maturity.

People like your self deprecating sense of humor and that you don't take yourself too seriously.

The Recipe For cutsycat

3 parts Rebellion
2 parts Shrewdness
1 part Superiority

Splash of Laughter

Finish off with whipped cream

The Recipe For ciele

3 parts Charisma
2 parts Style
1 part Tolerance

Splash of Difance

Finish off with an olive

The Recipe For amy

3 parts Rebellion
2 parts Magnetism
1 part Tease

Splash of Giddiness

Finish off with an olive

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