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housing situation

So today I had my mandatory suite and hall meetings to introduce us to all the new changes. Well I found out that this year a lot of things are going to be a joke. Are phones and internet connections will not necessarily be working right until Friday. They've also changed things so that if we want to check out games or vaccuums or anything else we have to go to a different building. However, they didn't think that through very carefully because in order to check things out we have to give them our student id card which is what lets us into our buildings, so they now have to come up with a new way to check things out because the id card no longer works since the desks aren't in the same building. When they mentioned this at the meeting. My immediate response was to ask how I was supposed to get back into my building when they had my id card. The person in authority's response to my question was "That's a good question. Did I mention these were new dorms and not everything works right yet." Isn't that such a helpful response. Basically as far as I can tell they've decided to royally screw over anyone who lives in the dorms now.

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