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Silver Creek Falls

For those of you who have never heard of silver creek falls. It's a park with like 10 different waterfalls and a bunch of hiking trails leading to these falls. It's also got some nice areas for camping and some nice cabins, too. So, today I got up early and drove into my work to say goodbye to my boss since he wasn't there when I got there yesterday. We had a good conversation and he wants me back and has said he'll be a reference for me and would even be willing to work with me to write a letter of recommendation. After I got back some friends of mine came over. (They're twins. A boy and girl.) Then after everyone had finished packing their lunches we left to head for silver creek falls. We spent about 4.5 hours there. Most of it was spent hiking, but we did stop to eat lunch. We walked about 7.2mi. Which according to the guide should take about 5 hours, so I think we did pretty well, but since I'm not use to this kind of exercise I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow. Then after we got home we watched a movie and played some games and ate supper and then it was bedtime, so all in all it was a very full day.

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