cutsycat (cutsycat) wrote,

So I suppose I should update. It's been a while, so I should have lots of things to talk about, right? Wrong! I've been keeping pretty busy with school and job searching. Job searching is evil and isn't going very well, right now. School's going ok. I have a test in about an hour, but other than that I've just been plodding along.

I've been playing with marapets and neopets a lot recently. For those of you interested in marapets you can click here: and start your own account. If you start an account please make sure that you start the registration process using the above link cause then I will get credit for introducing you to marapets.

I've also been spending a lot of time working on math puzzles and soduko and word puzzles and such from various different puzzle magazines or books. I spent Spring Break in Oregon and got to enjoy the dentist visit(yuck!). My mom and I also put together a puzzle and she made me a new skirt and we spent a lot of time window shopping. I picked out some china that I liked and she's going to tell people that's what I like, so that if they want to they can give it to me for graduation presents. I like the Vera Lace china by Vera Wang if you're interested in checking it out you can send me email and ask for the link or search it out yourself. It's a set of white china with a pattern in black on it, though some of the pictures on the internet make the black stuff look silver.

Well I should be getting ready to leave for dinner, so that I can have something to eat before I go to my test which is in 45 minutes, now. I guess we'll see if I get back into the updating thing or if I just kind of vanish for a while.

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