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Cupid? or Food Depravation?


So I spent all day working on homework and since my Tuesdays are usually fairly busy that meant that my lunch breaks went to homework. Today I have had a big pretzel, a bag of pretzels from the vending machine, a small bowl of salad, and an apple. That's the sum total of everything I had. I should lose weight on that diet, right? Except that usually I eat considerably more. When I got back from my 6 to 8 class I sat and talked with Kate for an hour at which point in time I left to go to Tom Riddle's house. It's been proven that the person who lives there is a real sweety. He gave me 4 different origami hearts and an origami cat. I like them. They now have a new home on my bookshelves where hopefully they won't get damaged. I spent all the time I was there grading papers. I had way too many, but YEA! they're all done now.

So which do you think? Is it Cupid or Food Depravation?

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