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Ok, so Saturday evening Lord Voldemort and I went over to his parents house and watched Buffy and one episode of Star Trek:TNG. I got all my grading done and made 7 cards for him and one card for Tricia, since it seemed like she needed a pick me up when I was talking to her earlier. On our way back to my place we stopped at his and I picked up a Naruto CD. It had the first 25 episodes and a special episode on it.

On Sunday I didn't do anything of interest. I watched the first 6 episodes of Naruto. I'm sure I'm completely brain washed by Lord Voldemort now. He came over again and we watched the remaining 3 Star Trek episodes on the DVD he had. Tricia was being overly funny. The first thing she said when Lord Voldemort walked in was "Where's Dan?" She went on and on about how much she wanted Dan to come over something about how she wanted a guy over and Lord Voldemort didn't count cause he was mine and how she just wanted a friend and neither I nor Lord Voldemort counted as her friend. She kept insisting that Lord Voldemort should call Dan and he kept saying no and that we should wait until Dan comes back home. So Dan came home and we invited him over. He decided to come over for some reason. Then Tricia asked if Lord Voldemort and I were engaged. I told her that I didn't think so. She then said that we should be and that we're engaged as far as she's concerned. Lord Voldemort's response was "Yep. We're engaged in watching Star Trek." Go Lord Voldemort!

Monday was an exceedingly boring day for me. All I did was homework, grade papers, watch Naruto, and start reading Lord Voldemort's books. Today hasn't been much more exciting. It's consisted of homework, class, grading papers, and watch more Naruto. I'm almost done with the disc I borrowed from Lord Voldemort. I just have the last 3 episodes and then the special episode, I believe.

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