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"practically" dating?

Can anyone tell me what it means to be "practically" dating? Is that like dating, but without the benefits? Or maybe the benefits, but without dating? Whatever it is a lot of people seem to think Mike and I are doing it.

Nothing really exciting has happened since the last time I posted. We've determined that I have too much free time. I spent close to 5 hours making cards for various different people. Then I finished up my theory of computation homework and talked with Mike and some other people via Yahoo IM. Now, I've been forcing my friends to watch Happy Tree Friends. It's completely twisted. I went to bed semi-early last night. I was probably asleep around 10.

So far today, I've done absolutely nothing worthwhile. I went to the maple lab and made door decs for people and went to my two PE classes. I found out my fiction writing class was going to be canceled on Thursday again. Which means, that not counting my distance learning course, which I haven't been able to watch, yet I have a homework assignment due Friday and one due next Tuesday. I also have grading to do, but then I always have grading to do. I figure I'll do grading during my compilers class. Should be lots of fun, right?

Tricia is supposed to come back today. Maybe I can be asleep by the time she gets here. Then I'd actually have semi-caught up on sleep. Of course, she'll probably wake me up when she gets back. Tommy seems obsessed with Mike and I playing Truth or Dare. I think he thinks he will help our relationship along or something like that. Of course, with dares like make out for 30 seconds with the oldest person in the room, I'm not sure I want it's type of help. Well, I guess that's all. I wonder if my theory of comp. teacher gave us more homework today. I hope not. It would be a pain to have to do homework by Thursday.

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