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So, it's been determined that staying up until 2:30 is not a good plan if people want me to be cognizant around 7 in the morning. Mike and Dan came over around 7pm last night and we played Apples to Apples and Fluxx and Password. Then Mike, Tricia, Dan, and I all went to the Twin Dragon to grab some chinese food for dinner since none of us had eaten yet. We ate at the restaurant and I think both Tricia and Dan have decided that Mike and I are dating/should be dating. Be warned Mike. Who knows what Dan may do. When Mike left to go to the bathroom Dan told me about talking with Tristan and how Tristan remembered me. That surprised me, so ask him to go into more detail and he told me about how he was talking to Tristan and told Tristan that Mike and I are dating. (News to me, what about you Mike? Is it news to you too?) Then Tristan responded that I was sweet or something like that. Then Mike came back and it started sounding like a doorbell ringing, but there was no one at the door, so we're not entirely sure what that was. Then we paid and left and came back and played pool and watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer the movie not the TV series. Mike and I won the pool game. Oh yeah! we rule. We finished Buffy the Vampire Slayer at 2:30 in the morning. Mike and Dan then left for their apartment.

Tricia and I headed up and went to bed. She decided to set her alarm for 6:45 this morning cause she had to catch a plane that left at 10:00am, so she wanted to be there at 8:00am and hadn't packed at all. I heard the alarm go off at 6:45, but that's about all I remember. I don't even know if Tricia got out of bed or not and I most certainly do not know when she actually left our room. I'm sure she turned the light on, but it was off when I woke up again and if it was ever on it never registered. I went downstairs this morning and watched some cartoons with the guys in B-suite and so I know that Eric took her to the airport, but I was completely dead to the world shortly after her alarm clock went off. I most certainly did not want to get up.

Now, I'm not sure what else I should do for the rest of the day. I have one homework assignment due on Tuesday and one due on Friday that I haven't done and I also have a bunch of grading to do. Maybe, I'll play FFX or maybe I should wake Mikey up and do something with him. I mean I do have a double room with no roommate now.

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