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A marriage proposal?

So Friday evening Mike, Tricia, Stephan, and I played games in the Driscoll lobby until like 11:00pm. We were occasionally joined by the RA on call. The game we played most was apples to apples. It's lots of fun. Though I had to deal with Tricia trying to set Mike and me up. She was making all sorts of comments about how we should get married and how we were perfect for each other. We also played a round of Skipbo which Mike won.

Then after people decided they were done with games we decided we were going to go down to the basement to watch Ah! My Goddess, but it turns out there were other people using the TV down there, so Tricia and I invited Mike to watch it in our room. I told Mike he could sit on my bed, on Tricia's bed or on the chair. He ended up on Tricia's bed. We watched episodes one through 5 though I started falling asleep during episode 5. I'm not sure what Tricia and Mike were doing, but they weren't making a lot of noise, so it could be anything.

Then yesterday, Tricia, her brother, Fred, and I went to the Olive Garden, so that she could do some homework for a psychology class. Then I dragged Tricia shopping with me. We went to Fred Meyer's and JoAnn's. I got some more bookmarks and am thinking about making presents for my family with those. I bought Who wants to be a millionaire for the playstation and was playing it when I started chatting with Mike online. We had already discussed going to hoodwinked and he decided that he wanted to come over and play millionaire before hand, so he came over and we determined that the 2-player version of millionaire is stupid cause all it is is the fast-finger round and then the winner plays the game.

We did determine that both Mike and I know nothing about R&B. It had a fast-finger round where we were supposed to put 4 albums in the order they were made and it gave us like 7 tries to get it right before finally giving up on us. We also determined that Mike is better at Millionaire than I am because he got to the 250,000 question before he missed a question and only earned 32,000. After that we went to the movies. Tricia had been invited, but threw a big fit about possibly being a third wheel, so Mike called his roommate Dan and Dan said he would come. I told Tricia that she had to be the fourth wheel and she was fine with that, so Dan, Mike, Tricia, and I all went to see hoodwinked. It was really funny.

On the way back Dan and Tricia got to talking about how Dan's a CIS major and Tricia is/was a psychology major. It was determined that since Dan analyzed computers and Tricia analyzed people they should get married. I believe they set the date for June 24th. I think they missed the comment that Mike made where he said that he builds computers and I program them. I told him that meant that we should get married too, but the two in the backseat were so caught up in their love life that they didn't hear us. Or at least I don't think they did.

Mike and Dan decided to come over to Driscoll and watch movies or something. Tricia was making absurd comments that just didn't sound right, so when I opened the door I made the mistake of informing everyone that I wasn't easy. Kate overheard and so we ended up talking with her and Katie and Krista a lot. There was something about whether Katie was claiming Dan or Mike as her male. There was also something about Katie marrying Dan and Tricia right then since she's a minister.

After we were done talking we checked to see if the downstairs TV was free and it was, so we watched episodes 6-10 downstairs. Mike and I were very considerate and sat on different couches, so that the love birds could sit together, but Dan protested that he wanted to lie down and sleep, so I moved over to Mike's couch. Nothing interesting happened after that. Mike and Dan went home around 12:30 or 1 and then Tricia and I went to bed. Tricia had to be up at 7:30, haha. I didn't actually get up until like 11:00 or 11:30, so I should be well rested, right?

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