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Ever heard of moo.fx

I found another interesting article courtesy of gmail. It's about moo.fx. You can check it out here: . I've been sitting in the maple lab since 7:30 this morning working on Tricia's bookmark. I still have an hour to go before I can leave for my class. Hopefully, class will be fun.

Last night I managed to get Kate mad at me because I only have like 30 or so pages to read and a 250 word response to write for homework that I'm doing this weekend. I may get homework in the class I have today in which case I'll have to do that this weekend/week, but I don't know yet. I'll also probably have grading to do this weekend.

Well I didn't really have anything exciting to say. Just thought you'd be interested in checking out moo.fx . It sounded interesting. I'm almost done with all the cross-stitch on the letters in Tricia's bookmark and then I get the joy of figuring out what color I'm going to do next. It will probably be the green.

One of these days I might actually start writing stories again. I think I know what I'm doing for the first sentence of the story that I need to do for fiction writing. That's good, right?

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