October 17th, 2019

Sleepy hammock Mephisto

2019 NCIS Secret Santa Letter

Dear Santa,

I hope I have been a good enough or naughty enough girl this year depending on your preference to get an amazing story from you. I look forward to whatever you write me, Santa.

Gibbs/DiNozzo has always been my favorite pairing, but I admit I secretly love Tony/Kort or Gibbs/Kort or Kort/Tobias and playing with Kort's morally grey characteristics. I can even get down with a good Gibbs/Tobias if that's more to your tastes, Santa.

I love reading stories that have never been done before. Especially if there are secret plot twists that make me go ooh I didn't expect that. I am a happy ending girl though. I mean it doesn't have to be happily ever after, but it should at least be happy right now type of ending. *grin*

I don't know much about the new characters (Nick Torres, Alexandra Quinn, etc) as I pretty much stopped watching around season 12. I'm pretty good with any character used in season 1-12 though. I love to play with the gray side of any characters though if they go too dark, especially Tony, in some ways it can be a bit worrying for me. I just can't see Tony as a supporter of crime in any manner really.

Pieces to be used in a good fic in my book: 

  • I love cats in pretty much any form
  • I like light and fluffy pieces that are more about trust than sex. If you like to write something kinky I'm good with some light BDSM and bondage stuff.
  • Genres I like: Hurt/Comfort, TLC, Romance, Case fics, or angst though I prefer it to have happy endings.
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