September 25th, 2005

Sleepy hammock Mephisto

A question...

So it's been really long since I've updated, sorry. On Saturday the 17th, I went to a Square Dance Demo with Kate, Eric, and Todd. Kate and Eric were a little late because of transportation problems. It was lots of fun. I also want to let all the losers that didn't attend know that they really should have attended. Everyone who went had fun.

From then on, I spent a lot of time doing homework and grading and playing disgaea. It kept me busy until towards the end of Thursday. On Friday I finally had free time again, yea! I spent most of Friday playing disgaea and doing DDR. Then I slept in on Saturday. I went to breakfast by myself because everyone else was doing something like RHA or the magic pre-release. I talked with my cousin via IM in the morning. That was fun. I found out she also had a ps and ps2. I told her about Disgaea and she's going to rent it at some point and see what it's like.

That afternoon I talked with my dad and played cribbage and talked with Mandy, when I was interrupted by a phone call from Mike asking if I wanted to go see Corpse Bride with him and his family. I said yes, so around 4, I headed out with Mike to go see the movie. It was a good movie. A bit like a cross between a chic flic and a horror film. So I have a question for all guys out there. What makes going to the movies a date rather than just hanging out with a friend?

So far today I have eaten breakfast and watched Kate play DDR. She's getting a lot better. At some point I'll probably finish my grading and do homework(maybe?) and play games and probably tonight I'll go to Walmart with Kate and Eric. Oh, Tommy's going to be fixing Dinner tonight. Oh, Yeah! Tommy Rocks! EXCEPT WHEN HE DOESN'T GO SQUARE DANCING!!!
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