April 29th, 2005

Sleepy hammock Mephisto

(no subject)

Nothing very exciting happened on Wednesday. I went to RHA and we had cookies and went fishing. Then on Thursday I had a really long meeting where we decided who got what awards that we are giving out at the NRHH banquet this coming Wednesday. I showed up to the last 5 minutes of my Caribbean class because the award meeting ran long. I found it funny that the teacher made me sign the role sheet even though I was only there for the last 5 minutes. We were watching a DVD in class, so I just borrowed it from the teacher and Kate and I will watch it this weekend since she also missed class. Then I wrote my lab report and took the test in lab. Yeah!! No more labs!! Ever!! Last night somebody screwed with the internet servers on campus and made it so that the people in the Residence Halls couldn't access the internet from like 6pm last night to 10am this morning. That was annoying. For Friday, I went to class and now I'm at work. I'll probably play some diablo while I'm at work.