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Hip Hip Hooray

It's finally August 2nd. That means my friend is coming back from his vacation. I'm probably going to start losing sleep again, because I'm staying up too late playing computer games with him. Oh well. Nothing very interesting happened this weekend. I cleaned my bathroom yesterday, so that it doesn't have stuff all over the place and dirt running around and such. On Saturday, I took my dad out to redeem his father's day present. He seemed to think that since we were going out to get him a present, that he should also get his haircut and get his shoe fixed. He expects me to pick up his shoe on like Wednesday for him. Of course, while we were shopping for him, I also bought myself a new square dance outfit. I've been spending too much money lately. I wish it was time for school to start. I want to get out of my parents house and onto something fun. Actually I just want to get to school, so that my friends and I are in the same state again.

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