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work sucks

I'm so ready for the weekend. I spent all day yesterday doing updates which consist of copying and pasting text from word or outlook into dreamweaver. (very boring!). Today, I did the same thing, only I had a lot of time where I didn't have anything to do. The other thing about today was that my supervisors computer decided to blow up. It didn't really blow up. It just hung and then when he shut it down and restarted it, windows said it couldn't load because it was missing one of it's important files. He called the tech people and they came over and it looks like his computer started up for them, but he's afraid it could do it again, so he's going to pester his supervisor for a new computer. Another thing that was sad about today is that out of the 5 people on the web team only 3 showed up today and it looks like only 3 will be showing up on Monday. One of the people that was gone today will be on vacation until a week from Wednesday. The other one is supposed to get back on Monday, but one of the people that was here today will be gone on Monday. It looks like I may be bored for a while. I can't wait for my friend to get back from the vacation he's on.

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