cutsycat (cutsycat) wrote,

My life is boring...

It's true. My life is boring. Since, the last time I updated nothing much has happened. I've gotten some advice on possible jobs and applied for some of them. Mostly I've been doing homework, going to class, and playing Phantom Brave. It's an interesting game. It's similar to Disgaea, but not as many people have played it as much I don't think. The faqs/guides aren't as in depth as the Disgaea faqs/guides are, so I'm finding a bunch of stuff out on my own as I play along. Maybe I should write an faq. Except that most people don't play like I do, so I don't know how much good it would do. I played Settlers of Catan with Kate and Eric last night. I also played Magic yesterday with Tommy, Kate, and Rusty. I think that's really all that's happened other than I of course have been reading fan fic. I've also been trying to write some fanfic, but the stories just aren't flowing like I want them to, so I probably won't post what I've been writing. I may not even finish it. I told you my life is boring.

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