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On Friday I had planned to go to bed early, but around 10 Mike called inviting me to play munchkins with him and some other people, so of course I went and did that rather than going to bed. Then on Saturday I slept in. Then I went to lunch. Then I came back and spent some time with friends. Everyone missed going to dinner at Table Rock, so we made pizza. It was really good. Then after we did pizza we went to the sub and played DDR and went bowling. It was Monte Carlo night, which means that if the colored pin is in the one position and you get a strike, you get a free game. It was amazing I actually got a strike when the colored pin was in the one position. Some other people had chances, but they never actually made it.

Then on Sunday I got up around 1 and spent time with Tommy because Kate and Eric had vanished. We met up with them at dinner. Then I organized most of my magic cards and worked with Kate on NRHH. Then I went to bed.

Today just is not my day. It started out bad with my waking up at 9 and going oh, crap I was supposed to be to work at 8. Fortunately, I called and let them know I would be late and it wasn't a big deal, but still not a good way to start the day. Then I had to work like mad to finish the grading I needed to get done and now I have a homework assignment due at 11pm tonight and I have to type up nomination and application forms for NRHH before 9pm (preferrably).

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