cutsycat (cutsycat) wrote,

spring break

Okay so on Friday I flew home. I had to wait like 30 minutes at the airport because my dad was late picking me up. I then spent the rest of Friday looking for some Cd's I needed for one of my classes. Then on Saturday I played some DDR with Mandy and went to a square dance. On Sunday I lazed around a bit and one of my friends came over for a couple of days. While she was over we rented The Day After Tomorrow and Final Fantasy X-2. Monday was not a good day for me. It started with me burning the rice that we were going to have for breakfast and just went downhill from there.

On Tuesday we watched The Day After Tomorrow and played games on my playstation. Then my friend had to go home. On Wednesday, I lazed around and read books. On Thursday I went over to a friend's house and watched around 12 hours of Inuyasha. Then on Friday I went shopping and got new shoes. I also watched the 2nd Inuyasha movie, since we didn't have time to watch it on Thursday. Then on Saturday I worked on taxes and packed, so that I would be ready to go the next day. I then came back to school. Yesterday, we didn't do much. Just talked for the most part. I progressed to Chapter 2 in Final Fantasy X-2 while I had it rented. I'm thinking about buying it. I've been playing Final Fantasy X on and off and have made it to the point where I can capture fiends in the calm lands. One of my teachers changed the due date for an assignment, so that it is due next Monday instead of Wednesday. Of course being the idiot that I am I thought it was due today. I'm glad it's not that gives me more time to have fun. I had lots of fun at home, but spent most of the time reading books and stuff which isn't very interesting for me to tell people about. Maybe I'll have more stuff to write about next time I update.

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