cutsycat (cutsycat) wrote,

So on Friday, I got my FAFSA done and turned in, yeah. After that I read fan fic or played games until around 11:00, when I went to help with setup for the movie that night. Mike didn't show up to the movie, so instead Kate and I went down to the games center and played bowling and DDR until around 1:30am. Then I came back home and went to sleep until people decided that I needed to be up around 11:30, because Tricia had come in. So, then people insisted I get up and we played DDR and apples to apples.

Then on Sunday, I woke up to Tricia's alarm clock/phone call 3 times. After the third time people insisted I get up and go on a picnic with them. We had KFC. It was good. We were going to play Frizbee and such, but it was too cold in the park and so we decided to head back to Driscoll and play apples to apples the 7 of us until Kate and Eric had to leave to go to Into The Woods. Shortly after that Tommy's friends Felicia and Kim had to leave and Tommy decided to go with them, so Tricia and I walked down to the card shop on Broadway, only it wasn't open (stupid people). The hours said it should be open, but they were closed for some reason, so we shopped in the dollar store near it and then we went to Shopko. At Shopko, Kate called us and said that she and Eric wanted to eat dinner with us and that they were having problems finding us. So we headed back and then Kate, Eric, Tricia, and I went to Chilis. The food was really good.

While we were out shopping I had bought some new DVD's and so Tricia, Kate and I decided to watch New York Minute (one of the DVD's I bought). It was really funny. At least we thought so, some people may not agree with us though. Then I read fan fic while Tricia, Kate, Tommy, and Eric played DDR. I also watched Agent Cody Banks (the other DVD I bought) while they were doing that. Then Tricia came up and I started the DVD over and fell asleep part way through it. Then I got up at 7:00 this morning and woke Tricia up. I think she went back to sleep though. Then I went to work and class. Nothing very exciting. I think I'm supposed to go to MTDK tonight, but I'm not sure.

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