cutsycat (cutsycat) wrote,

So Wednesday night I went to the RHA legislative meeting. Nothing interesting happened there. Then after that I went to ACA(Apartment Community Association)'s donut party. They bought a bunch of Krispy Kremes. I ate 3 donuts, but lots of people ate more than I did.

Then on Thursday I had major problems with what day it was. My alarm clock went off at 7am and I had to ask my computer what day it was before I knew what day it was. Then I read fan fic and went to Racquetball. I was doing very poorly. I just wasn't up on my game. After that I went back to my room and read more fan fic, before heading to Caribbean class. We spent a bunch of time sitting on the grass outside in Caribbean class, since it's starting to get nice out now. Then after Caribbean I went back to my room and printed out the lab procedure that I needed for chem lab. After that Kate and I walked over to Senor Fresh for dinner and then we got some ice cream from Coldstone on the way home. Then I went to lab class. After lab I came home and went to sleep.

Then I got up early this morning and finished my grading. I went to work and then chem class. Then I went to work at the maple lab again. Nothing very interesting has happened today. However, I won't be going to bed until like 2:00am or later tomorrow morning, because I have to go to the movie night that RHA is sponsoring. The movie starts at 11:59pm tonight (midnight). We're going to be watching National Treasure. Has anybody seen it? I may not actually watch the movie. I invited Mike to come to the movie and I'll probably watch it, if he shows up, but otherwise I'm just going to spend time with Kate most likely, since she's not interested in the movie either. Oh and I also have to work on FAFSA stuff tonight at 8(yuck). I think that's it for now. Hope your guys' lives are more interesting than mine.

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