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So, nothing happened on Thursday. Friday, I went to work for an hour before heading over to spend the rest of the day at Leadership Quest. For those of you who don't know Leadership Quest is a conference where they invite a bunch of campus leaders to come listen to a keynote speaker talk about what more can be done and then after that they serve us lunch and we have 2 breakout sessions that discuss particular areas of leadership. I had a lot of fun at Leadership Quest the speaker they got really knew how to keep the audience interested and entertained. She even gave us all copies of her new book and signed them for us. Then after that I went to Mike's house, since he had invited me to play Munchkins. I had a lot of fun. However, I didn't get home until like 1:00 or 1:30 on Saturday morning.

Then I slept in and read fan fic and played DDR and Kingdom Hearts and possibly some Diablo. Then later that night around 8:30 or 9:00, I went over to Mike's dorm(Residence hall) room where we watched the movie Nausicaa. It's a really good anime film. I recommend watching it for those who like anime. I got back from that around 11:00. Then I slept.

On Sunday I read fan fic and then I went to breakfast and then Kate and I graded papers and I played diablo some. I think I played DDR, also. Then we went to dinner and after dinner we went to Walmart and I bought myself some new jeans. Then on Monday, I finished grading papers and went to classes and worked on my homework assignment for Databases which was due at 11:00. It wasn't very difficult, so I didn't have any problems with it. I also read fan fic and went to a hall council meeting.

On Tuesday I got up and talked with my advisor for a bit. Then I went to Racquetball where I found out I had a midterm/final exam in Racquetball. We can look all the answers up online, but still a test in a 1-credit pass/fail pe course seems a little odd. Then after Racquetball I hung out with Todd in the main lobby of driscoll. I had lots of fun embarassing him. It started out with me, Todd, Amy in F-suite. Then Amy in F-suite left to go pick up some packages and while she was gone Jessica wandered through and made a comment about how Todd's party had increased and he was like a bad boy(jokingly). In response to her comment I said that it was because he was hot. Todd responded by turning around and looking at me and asking loudly, "What?" He also turned red. Then of course I had to tell Amy in F-suite about it when she got back. Both Jessica and the Amy in F-suite agreed that he was hot, which just made him more embarassed. Of course after realizing it embarassed him to have us talk about him being hot, I just had to tease him, some more. When it got too embarassing for him, he would threaten to leave, but he didn't actually leave until he needed to go to work. As he was leaving he told me that no one else had ever said he was hot and thanked me for saying it. I just told him that it was the truth. After that eventful talk I went up to my room and read fan fic and got ready for Caribbean.

In Caribbean we got to try chutney and listened to Chutney music. The Chutney was okay, the teacher got a very mild chutney, however I think once is enough for me. We also turned the oral report into a 3-4 page paper. So, now I get to write another paper, yeah(not!). After Caribbean I went to the RHA exec. meeting where Shawna handed me the program I needed to start really working on the RHA webpage. Now, we just need a website. Soon, I will begin to work on that again. Then I ate dinner and went to my room to read fan fic and play more Kingdom Hearts.

So far today, nothing exciting has happened. I've just gone to work and to my classes. In my databases class, Dr. Jain introduced mysql to us, because apparently we now get to use mysql rather than sqlplus. Then we took a quiz (ick). Then I came to work in the maple lab which is where I am. I think, I'll check and see if rangerholics has had any fan fic updates and then either play pokemon or diablo. I'm not sure which.

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