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I'm not dead.

Normally, I would have updated on Monday, but I had a bad day that day and completely spaced updating. So, let's start with what I would have said on Monday. Friday I played D&D. It was rather interesting because Mike decided to end the campaign, so we had a big fight on our hands and some people died and had to beg their 'God' to ressurect them. After D&D, I went home and got some sleep before getting up again at 7:00, so that I could be ready to go to the RA group interview. At the group interview we split up into 4 different groups. Each group went through the 4 different stations. There was a station that was a baseball logic puzzle, a station that was plan your first 6 weeks if you were an RA, a station that was each member of the group gets to look at a lego house and then the whole group gets to try and recreate the house with legos, and finally a station where you choose the top 6 candidates you would hire out of 12, as a group.

After the group interview, I went back to my room and read fan fic before heading over to help put care packages together. Then on Sunday I played DDR with my friends. I'm finally able to pass both cartoon heroes and captain jack on standard. I also played some diablo this weekend. Then on Monday, I had to rush to finish my grading and then chem class didn't go so well and of course I was bored in Databases. I played diablo on Monday also. Then Monday night before the hall council meeting I walked over to the shopping center on Broadway that has Cold Stone Creamery, Hollywood Video, and Senor Fresh in it. I got a burrito to go from Senor Fresh and some comfort ice cream from Cold Stone. Then I went to the Hall Council Meeting. Nothing exciting happened there. It was open mic night, so a bunch of people were making fools of themselves.

Then on Tuesday right before I was ready to head out to meet Shawna, she called to let me know that the proposal I had submitted for getting a webpage program was turned down and so we cancelled our meeting because we didn't really have anything to talk about after talking on the phone. I then read fan fic. Then Kate and I went to Racquetball, we decided to eat lunch at Senor Fresh after Kate's cell bio class, so I waited for her to get done and then we headed over there and ate some lunch. After lunch we decided we wanted ice cream too, so we also got some ice cream from Coldstone Creamery. When we finally got back from that, we basically had time to grab the stuff we needed for Caribbean and leave. Then after Caribbean we went to the RHA exec. meeting, yippee. After that we had dinner and played DDR. Then I came back and read some more fan fic, before heading off into dreamland.

Today I got up and went to work and then I had a test in Chemistry. I felt a lot better about this test than I did about the last one, but I guess I'll just have to wait and see how I did. We should know on Friday. Then I talked with Todd for a bit about the Chem test and some other things before I headed off to databases where I played diablo. That's pretty much all that's happened up until now. I need to figure out a topic for a speech that I have to give in Caribbean by tomorrow and finish my Chem lab report by tomorrow and then I get to take a chem test in chem lab, also. Doesn't that sound like fun? (NOT!!!) Well I think I'll catch up on some fan fic and then play some more diablo. Hopefully, I'll remember to update on Friday.

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