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In Caribbean yesterday we spent most of our time talking about the essay that's due next Thursday. It was a relief to hear him talk about what he wanted for the essay, because he didn't really want a traditional essay. You could do a traditional essay, but you can also write it as a story or poem or some other form of writing other than an essay. It sounds like it's going to be a lot more fun than I had expected.

After Caribbean I finished my lab report and went to lab class. Nothing exciting happened there. After lab I joined some of the other members of the RHA exec. board in going to the Chaffee Hall Council. After that I went back to my room and read some fan fic while grading papers. Needless to say not a lot of papers got graded, so I got up early this morning and got most of them graded. I went to breakfast with Kate and then we walked to the math building since she has a class shortly after I have to start work. I finished grading papers while I worked in the tutor lab. After that I went to chem. class. Then I came home and grabbed the stuff needed to wrap my aunt and uncle's presents. I hope they like them.

These presents are very late Christmas presents that I never got around to sending out. I'm hoping to finish wrapping the rest of the presents while I'm at their house and get them sent out and distributed. Now, I'm going to work on getting my magic cards entered into the database and reading fan fic. Then after I get off work I will pack and get ready to go to my aunt and uncle's house. I'm going to be spending the 3 day weekend at their house, so it may not be until Tuesday or Wednesday that I update again. I don't know if I'll have time to update while I'm at their house or if I will keep myself busy. Well I think that's all that has happened since my last update. My next update will probably be really long, since I'll have to put down everything I did while I was at my aunt and uncle's house. At least I know I have brussel sprouts to look forward to at their house. I've already been told that I have to help eat them. I'll talk to you people again after the weekend if not before.

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