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Time will tell

Ok, so we're back to the nothing happened in my life series. I already told you about what happened on Monday, so there's nothing to talk about for that day. I guess that leaves yesterday and today. Yesterday, my meeting with my advisor for RHA got cancelled because she wasn't feeling well. She told me the previous night, so that I wouldn't get up early when I didn't need to, but guess what happens on one of the days that I can actually sleep in? I wake up around 7 or 7:30 on my own. How stupid is that? Shortly after I woke up, my uncle called me back. I had called him the previous night. I asked him if he would be willing to pick me up this weekend since we had an extra long weekend. He said that he would talk with his wife and let me know later this evening. I decided that I probably wasn't going to get anymore sleep so, I crawled back into bed and lazed around reading fan fic, until I decided it was time for breakfast.

On my way to get breakfast I found Kate in the lobby, so I decided to wait for her and we went and got breakfast together. Then we went to racquetball together, where our teacher decided that he wanted to see how well we were doing and made us run around a bunch. Then I went to the HSA meeting where they didn't announce anything very interesting, except that they're planning on going ice skating. I might go to that, on the other hand I have a bunch of other things going on that weekend and may not. After that I went back to my room and read some fan fic. After a while I was getting bored with the fan fic and decided to log into yahoo messenger to see if Tommy was in his room.

He wasn't but not very long after I logged on, he knocked on my door and asked if I wanted to go with him to the card shop to check out their magic specials. I said yes and we preceeded to head to the store. They were having sales on the 7th and 8th edition premade decks. They were selling for 3.95 and 4.95. They also had a sale on a box of 36 boosters for 8th edition for 60.00. Tommy and I decided to split one of those boxes and then ask Eric if he wanted to go in with us when we got back. Tommy, Eric, and I all agreed to split it, so it only cost us 20.00 for 12 boosters each. I had also bought some betrayers booster packs and darksteel booster packs. I was opening up the betrayers booster packs, since I had the least of them on the way back to the car. As I was opening the first pack Tommy asked me to let him know if I got a shining shoaling. It's a rare, so you know the chances of me getting that are very rare. Well, rare chances just don't seem to hold true with me because the first pack I opened had the rare that he wanted in it. It was freaky.

After that I got ready for caribbean class and then the RHA exec. meeting after that. Nothing exciting happened in caribbean class. We talked about various different things in the RHA meeting. I had thought that I was going to go shopping with Shawna, but that turned out to not be the case. There was some miscommunication between her and someone else. After the RHA meeting we went to Dinner and then we came back and opened the 8th edition box. Tommy and I opened our boosters right then. Eric didn't he was too busy. I continued to open up some boosters from the darksteel edition which I hadn't opened previously. Then Tommy conned me into playing magic with him and we played until like 11:00.

Today has been extremely boring. I've either been in class, at work, or studying for a test that I had in one of my classes. I just got done with that test and think I did fairly well, but time will tell.

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