cutsycat (cutsycat) wrote,

Valentine's Day

So on Friday Night some friends and I went shopping for valentine's stuff. After that they wanted to eat dinner by themselves, so I got them to drop me off at Olive Garden since I had a gift card to there. It was going to take too long for me to get a table, so I sat at the bar. Yeah for being over 21. I didn't drink any alcohol though. That was an interesting experience.

Then on Saturday I ate breakfast around 11:40 and after breakfast Kate and I dragged Tommy to go shopping at a dollar store and then he wanted to go to Joann's and then we went to Office Max. After that shopping trip we were finally ready to get our Valentine's started. For my valentine's that I gave to people I had some candy and some of those elementary style valentine's and then I wrote them a letter and at the top of the letter I played the name game. You know the one where you find a word for each letter in their name that sort of suits their personality. I probably got about 8 of those done on Saturday and then I finished the rest on Sunday and earlier today.

Later on Saturday night Tommy and I went to this Caribbean/African Dance thing for our Caribbean class. Kate had to work so she couldn't go. The first part of the show was really fun and made sense. However, after the intermission everything went screwy. I'm hoping the teacher will explain what was going on in class because I was completely lost. There was one point in particular where some of the women peeled their tops down, so they were bare up top, but only some of them did that and one of those that did was lifted up onto a guys shoulder, so clearly this had some significance, but my friends and I for the life of us couldn't figure out what.

On Sunday I lazed around reading fan fic. I finished my proposal for the finance board and emailed it to Shawna, so that she could make sure that it was voted on at the finance board today and of course I worked on Valentine's.

Today, I got up early and went to work where I continued to make Valentine's. Then I went to chem class where we were completely confused for most of the time. Then I went home and got ready for my next class before heading to the sub for some food. On my way to the food stations I saw Tommy walking along. I was just going to give him his valentine, but he wasn't paying any attention to the fact that I was in front of him, so I startled him, so that I could give him his valentine. It was interesting. Then I went to databases where I finished the rest of my valentines and proceeded to fall asleep since, the teacher is boring and I didn't want to start my computer up only to have to shut it down again shortly there after. And that's all that's happened recently.

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